An update on fatherhood…

A week into fatherhood and yes it has seen adjustments to how me and my wife spend our days, but it is more evident we have far more structure to our day. Yes I feel tired, but where ever possible I get a nap in. I am still on paternity leave, so next week when I return to work will be the true test to how I cope.

I’m already back in the gym thanks to a super supportive and wonderful wife. My day’s have consisted so far in getting up, preparing breakfast for both myself and wife before jumping in the shower whilst she breasts feed him. After he’s finished feeding, she gets some time to herself and do anything she wants whilst I change what is usually a dirty nappy before putting him to sleep. All the remaining chores, food shopping, cooking etc is worked around his sleeping patterns which typically last anywhere between 2-3 hours; Sometimes less.

I’ve added a quick image to this post of my recent food shop which I will prep for the next 2-3 weeks in freezer bags to save time when cooking up our meals.

4 kg of chicken breasts

2kg of 12% beef mince

800g of beef cubes

8 Aberdeen angus steak burgers



The Journey Begins

I decided to create this blog two nights after my wife gave birth to our first son on February  20, 2017. For the last 9 months I constantly heard that once you have a child your free time is gone. I won’t lie, that scared me at first, but now he has arrived, not only has he filled our lives with more joy, I am so excited to see him grow up. Sure i’m not sleeping 7-8 hours a night solid but all that means is I need be positive and adjust. For the last few years I got more and more into working out, I even took up boxing to learn something new and set myself new goals.  No doubt I am for life changing moments (for the better), however I am more eager than ever to still find ways of exercising, having a balanced life style and help at the same time through this blog motivate other dads out there who think it’s impossible to find time. For those Dads who already manage this well with a newborn and very young baby, a huge well done and keep going!