The Journey Begins

I decided to create this blog two nights after my wife gave birth to our first son on February  20, 2017. For the last 9 months I constantly heard that once you have a child your free time is gone. I won’t lie, that scared me at first, but now he has arrived, not only has he filled our lives with more joy, I am so excited to see him grow up. Sure i’m not sleeping 7-8 hours a night solid but all that means is I need be positive and adjust. For the last few years I got more and more into working out, I even took up boxing to learn something new and set myself new goals.  No doubt I am for life changing moments (for the better), however I am more eager than ever to still find ways of exercising, having a balanced life style and help at the same time through this blog motivate other dads out there who think it’s impossible to find time. For those Dads who already manage this well with a newborn and very young baby, a huge well done and keep going!


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