Day 9 : Tiredness kicks in..

Day 9 into fatherhood and those middle of the night wakes up hit me today, but it’s worth every moment. I woke up with a headache (which I hardly get, maybe one two a year) but that quickly passed and it didn’t stop me carrying on with what I had planned regardless how tired I was. Today indeed included my third visit of the week to the gym, a midwife appointment, a spot of DIY and awaiting for some family to pop round. I seem to keep going and going but usually after a while the candle burns at both ends and I end up falling sick which I’m trying to avoid. Where do I find the energy I have? who knows, it still baffles me. I’m tracking by diary how I feel and what I do to see if I can pin point where I over do things and see where I can ease up to be far more productive.

I spent yesterday night once I put the baby to sleep preparing / marinating our food ensuring it was ready to cook today. Cooking has never been a strong point of mine, however it’s an area I’m looking to improve and be more adventurous with dishes. Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to share some recipes.

For the training part I’ve dug up an old program I had and started this up again. By having a structured program it allows you to focus on just doing what you need to do and not waste time in the gym. If finances permit and you can get a coach / personal trainer then I’d highly recommend it. Use them to get you started, get you motivated and on your way to a new you. Sometimes this is all you need before being able to go solo. If you are UK based then feel free to message me; I’d be happy to recommend some I have used in the past which have been reliable and well worth every penny.

I’ll be posting what this workout looks like for anyone who wishes to give it a go or use it as a starting point.



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