Tasty Food

Here is a snap shot of what’s been served in our household yesterday and today.
Preparation ahead of time has been crucial and we sure have enjoyed tucking into these lovely foods. Post workout I just had to have a bowl of Rice Krispies along with my whey isolate protein shake & 5g of creatine monohydrate.

The fish (Espada Preta) was simply pan fried; it is very commonly eaten on the island of Madeira. The sweet potatoes in the same tray were placed in the oven and cooked for 50 minutes. 

I try to get fish into my diet 3 days at least a week. It is filled with protein and vitamin D. Most fish is also one of the best source for omega 3 fatty acids which are fantastic for your body and brain. 

For further information on the great benefits that fish has for you, take a visit to https://authoritynutrition.com/11-health-benefits-of-fish/

Today I decided to make a different kebab style dish using 2 packs (Total of 1kg) of 12% beef mince and it contains the following ingredients….

X 1 grated onion

X 2 Cinnamon teaspoons 

X 1 Salt teaspoon 

X 1 Tumeric teaspoon 

X 1 mild Curry powder teaspoon 

This dish was cooked in its own juices and no extra oil was added. It took a total of 40 minutes to cook.

Learning new dishes is proving to be fun and helping keep our diets tasty and varied. By adding these simple dishes to my arsenal, next week when I go back to work I can plan ahead and cook in batches. I’m aiming to cook every other day right now. If I’m honest, as creative as cooking can be I don’t fancy spending hours in the kitchen after a 12 hour day.  Giving my wife free time in the evening and spending time with my son is what the ultimate goal is. 


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