An eventful Sunday 

Good Afternoon people,

Wishing you all a great Sunday 😁

After watching the David Haye and Tony Bellew fight, last night was a bit up and down with broken sleep. I ended up changing two nappies, so got about 4-5 hours sleep and our little one wouldn’t stop crying in the morning for no apparent reason. Sent us into worry not knowing why he cried but it was a sense of relief when he calmed down, fed and had a nap. 

Tired and feeling lethargic, I managed to get myself to the gym and train with my brother. That’s 4 gym sessions this week logged.  It’s always fun and competitive training together; Spurring each other on and pushing boundaries is a heap of fun. I’m very glad I decided to go! Keep those gains coming & one step closer to my goals.  

I did attempt to go buy some more protein after my workout until the card machine decided to take my card. As frustrating as that can be, I just need to wait for a new one to be issued and go stock up later in the week. 

With one day left until I go back to work, tomorrow will see a heap of preparation for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

This Pele quote is one of my favourites and keeps me going both at work and in my personal life. 


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