If only I was a machine never burning out! 

Two days now back at work and I’ve had moments of tiredness, however, nothing that a good coffee couldn’t fix. I have also managed to hit the gym this morning at 6am; all in all 2 gym sessions so far in this week. Yesterday was pretty full on, playing catch up at work, Cooking two dishes, tidying up the kitchen and then around 7:45pm started winding down watching some football, before going to bed at 10:30pm. 
I was dreading the alarm going off at 4:50am, just not knowing how I would sleep throughout the night. Trying to not overthink it all. That said, our little one only wakes up once in the night which is such a result! 

Yesterday I decided to cook up some salmon with a dash of teriyaki sauce and separately a diced beef dish with some sugar snap beans. I had some broccoli already steamed to accompany dinner and my wife had noodles with her Salmom, whilst I just had salmon and veg. 

If only we were machines and tiredness never kicked in, we could run full steam ahead 100% of the times. I do tend to wake up around 4:50am – 5:15am. Why? So I can get my weekly gym workouts in before work and this then gives me back my evening so I can help out around the house and look after the baby. 

I’ve attached a photo so you can see the dishes cooked, quick snap of me in the gym and my new trainers which I am so happy with! Pretty trainer mad here! 

 Also a look in the workout program for today! Back and Biceps session.


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