Food pre workout or not…& an update on fatherhood

Afternoon fellow bloggers!
Hope you have all had fantastic weekends. 

The little man is amazing, he is so well behaved and I’m not sleep deprived…yet! Today he was more active and at 3 weeks old he didn’t sleep that much today. He took his first trip out with mum and dad yesterday and got some lunch. Getting ready I definitely under estimated how much time we need to account for when getting ready with a baby. I do find my days are super busy 7 days a week but well structured. I’m not over committing to doing heaps of things and it gives me valuable time in the evenings with baby whilst my wife relaxes when I’m at work in the week.

One week back into work and it wasn’t so bad, however, the first day back boxing yesterday Saturday morning and it’s wiped me out. Loved every minute of it, combination of fitness drills and pad work for 35 minutes. I noticed I started to flag though in stamina after 15 minutes on the pads. Coach keeps telling me…Ed, have you been out on the road running? A simple response to that was no coach. I think this session made me realise that if I am to have an amateur fight later this year I will need to get my butt into gear and get out doing no less than 10-12 miles road work a week or get some HIIT sessions in 2-3 times a week.

Over the past few years, cardio just seems to be such effort and boring but it’s so important to help my overall condition. I notice the difference when I do find the motivation to go running or get on a stair master. I managed 4 training gym workouts plus one boxing session this week.

Onto diet now…My diet has been about 80% ok this week with the other 20% requiring me needing to grab food here there and everywhere. My aim is to try get body fat percentage down to about 7% by June & I must be sitting right now between 12-13%. 

I came across this article on the BBC site where a university study was undertaken about the effects of male and females consuming carbohydrates pre training and how the body reacts to fat loss. I’ve always heard mix reviews and have tried both methods, but just not for long enough. After reading this earlier on I am going to keep my carb consumption post workout and see the next 12 week effects it has on body composition. I’ll just stick to BCAAs and a coffee pre workout. Note that all my workouts are at 6am.

I’m keen to know anyone else out there who has a view to share in this subject. 

Catch up with you all later this week and how fatherhood is going and am I managing my days well enough to keep train at a high intensity! 


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