A long awaited update to Fatherhood & exercising 

Evening all

Well, this has been a bit overdue and needless to say it looks like the hectic schedule caught up with me I couldn’t even dedicate time to post 🙂 

Oscar is the best thing ever and he’s full of joy! Seeing him grow and develop every day is such magical moments I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Any dad or mum will tell you the same thing. 

So how has my diet and training been since my last post? I guess I’d like to start on the not so good part, the diet! I’d honestly say I have been working on a 70:30 ratio. 70% of the week I am well prepared, cooking meals at home, planning ahead and it sure works. However, that 30% is bad, really bad. This usually consists of sweets, cookies, fast food or take aways. I now weigh around 75kg. That’s 4kg lighter before I became a dad, but I feel healthy and look ok. With a hectic work schedule and balancing things at home, it’s not easy even though I thought it would have been. The stress does build up and with my natural traits of wanting to be a perfectionist all the time, some times I just need to compromise and adapt. Something I’m still learning to do! 

As for the training, well that’s actually going well. I’m still training 3-5 times a week, but no I’m not strolling through the gym front door at 6pm when mostly everyone else does! Instead, I am waking up anywhere between 4:45am and 5:15am to have my ass in the gym by 6am for a solid hour of a weights & cardio with all the other hardcore gym goers. I tend to have a hard stop at 7:10am where I’m on the road and driving 1 hour 30 mins to get to work to kick start my day. 

So if you’re wondering what this photo is about, it’s from my pull up mate which I purchased a few months back and have used it a handful of times in the garden when I’ve 15-20 mins. This is great for pull ups, dips, push ups and core work. Beauty of this device is it takes 5 minutes to put up and down and you can take it anywhere, within reason. It’s great quality and a fantastic build. 

 Today’s routine looked a bit like this:
10 dips 3 sets 

3 sets hanging leg raises to failure 

3 sets inverted pull ups 

3 sets push ups to failure 

3 sets under hand pull ups 

You’d be surprised how hard body weight exercises can be when done properly! If there’s one thing I’ve improved over the last two months, it would have to be my gut! Flatter, stronger and far more toned. 

Right, it’s getting late now and I need my beauty sleep. I promise I’ll make more of an effort to post a few times a week! Even it’s to talk about my not so great wannabe chef style meals I conjure up 😂


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